Get To Know Us!


Tenacious Fitness Unlimited is a full scale non-profit physical fitness service company. Our goal is to offer complementary fitness and wellness programs for at-risk subgroups. We offer Aqua Fitness, Fitness Boot Camps, Group/Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga. Additionally, we provide sports specific programs (i.e. Speed-Agility, Posing techniques, Power lifting and Tennis).


Goal & Objective:

To motivate clients to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle through proper exercise, nutrition and wellness.



Tenacious Fitness Unlimited, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to eliminate childhood obesity by creating a climate of caring, coaching, and supporting our clients through complementary nutrition/ wellness services geared to at-risk subgroups.


Why Choose Us?

Additional Benefits:

1. Establish Goals for Weight Training

2. Exercise selection

3. Determine Training Frequency

4. Arrange Exercise for Optimum Results

5. Determine Loads, Sets and Repetitions


Receive results:

Lose Body Fat Have More Energy

Gain Muscle Increase Self-Esteem

Feel Stronger Improve Performance

Live Healthier Get Motivated





Two all time favorites just received a neat new make-over!  Ever feel like a "fish out of water" because you're the only one in your home cutting back on snack foods? Well, we've got a solution for you! End that pressure and get the family involved! That's right! FIT Family Camp will get you're whole family working out and making healthier nutritional choices. No longer will you be the "bad guy" withholding the snack foods! Instead we''ll provide food suggestions and fitness tips the whole family can implement!


FIT CAMP or "Fitness Bootcamp" provides strenuous exercises for all fitness levels. Often this is more of an individual class with smaller numbers, but we have fun and drop those calories like their hot! Our Boot Camp program welcomes all age groups, and fitness levels. It consists of Core training, Upper/Lower body calisthenics and numerous exercise routines which have even been known to challenge a person who is on the intermediate and advanced fitness level. Scream, yell, grrr (just a little), smile, and laugh all the way to your ideal weight.



Grab your trunks and let’s make a splash! This water powered workout has all the intensity of its land based counterpart. However, this time training is done 100% in the water! That’s right! Aquatic Fitness is a workout experience like no other using the water’s resistance to strengthen, tone, and tighten the upper, and lower body at the same time. Training consists of three different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) taught in 3ft to 5ft of water. Each level builds on the other and new routines and stretches are added periodically. Come on in and make a splash with us!



Shed those pounds and learn the basic punches (jab, lead hook, straight punch, rear uppercut, lead uppercut, and rear hook). Increase your stamina, agility, quickness, and speed while burning fat and losing inches off your physique. Participate in periodic "shadow" boxing competitions with your fitness trainer.



Helmets on, lean forward, hold on tight, and begin peddling! Our six mile track around Stone Mountain is not your ordinary spinning class. This vigorous workout is done totally outdoors and is guaranteed to burn a significant amount of calories and fat. This workout is great year round and for all fitness levels.


Distance Running

Would you like to increase your overall endurance and speed without being short of breath? Learn the techniques long distance runners are using to improve their workout and build stamina. An assortment of stretching techniques and tips will be discussed and implemented throughout the workout program to gain the greatest overall development. Learn mental preparation tool and tips to keep you focused and make your runs better. Intermediate and Advanced runners will gain added tools to enhance speed and improve recovery.



Want to learn the sport known for precision? Learn the basic techniques of Golf. Improve your game while getting familiar with the upswing, block, steep downswing, over-the-top, and follow through, right elbow, and various other swings. Whether it's individual, group, or junior lessons, we have a package that will fit your needs.


Martial Arts

Want to learn the practices and traditions of training for combat? Martial Arts will develop the character of the practitioner. It will help to maximize use of bodily force. It is a system of training for combat that shows opponents how to defend themselves against a threat.


Mountain Climbing

Experience an invigorating workout climbing some of the highest peaks in Metro Atlanta Georgia. We will climb, walk, jog, and even sprint up some of Georgia’s must fascinating and beautiful scenic mountains, trails and hills. Periodically, additional training apparatus will be used to intensify the workout.



Are you looking for an exercise that encompasses the abdomen, lower back, hips, and gluteus? This tried and true workout technique that dates back to the early 20th century is known to strengthen your body's core muscles, flattening the mid section, keeping the body balanced, and centered. Pilates relies heavily on several fundamental techniques: breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow of movement, flexibility and precision.


Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Searching for new ways to increase sprinting speed? Our program helps to enhance speed and overall endurance. Learn the critical techniques that will help to maximize sprinting workouts and development acceleration. Practice effective 30 meter sprinting to improve speed/ endurance. Add helpful polymeric layers on top of the foundation of speed.


Sport Yoga

Experience the relaxing and spiritual effects of incorporating strength and mental focus through a unique blend of ancient, modern, and experimental exercises. Sport Yoga combines Traditional Stretching, Martial Arts warm-up routines, and Yoga poses. As an added bonus the theories, and practices of Kung-Fu, Pilates, and Tai-Chi are displayed throughout the program giving each workout participant a new dimension of athletic rigor, and sensational mental clarity.


Strength and Conditioning

Are you looking to participate in a strength sport utilizing the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift? Our Strength and Conditioning  classes will significantly increase your bench, deadlift, and squat in only twelve weeks! Our program gets you acquainted with each of the powerlifting exercises, rules and techniques of powerlifting and build a stronger powerful physique.



Learn basic, intermediate, and advanced level tennis taught step-by-step by a trained tennis professional. Learn new techniques to improve your game. Beginners will learn the rules, terms, and equipment used in the game of tennis. Players will get familiar with basic, intermediate, and advance level ground stroke, serve, volley,

proper grip, overhead backhand, and specialty shot.